MAN, OH MAN!! Today was a doozie! From the very beginning of my professional career, I’ve gotten my paycheck via direct deposit every other Saturday morning. I’ve loved the certainty I get from knowing that, too. This Saturday, however, I was paid a big fat $0.00! WHAT?!!? I usually don’t get up-in-arms about $$$, but as a recent entrepreneur I use the income from my job to fund my business. Thus, it’s sort of important. 🙂 I talked to my company’s headquarters to ask where the money was and they said it was sent to me via check. THEN after speaking to my office secretary I find out she put my check in the mail(?) on Saturday. Here we are on Monday and it still hasn’t reached me. I have goals to reach here!!

I had no clue people still got paid via snail mail anymore these days. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper today. 😐

I’m flat-broke but am eagerly waiting to save and invest!!! (Thinking about getting into real estate in some way, shape, or form… Probably in the form of tax liens…) Ahhh! I’m itching over here!!

Pray for me, folks.