I’m not one for rules. These rules are the exception, though. :)

I’ve decided to follow one¬†set of rules during my road to building a HUGE asset base!

1. Live below my means (live on less cash than I make!)

  • The 80/20 rule is what I’m going to use! – Live on 80% of take-home pay, Save/invest 20% of take-home pay

2. Increase my “means” (grow my income)

  • This is one reason I’m excited about being self-employed… I get to decide how much money I make, so an increase in income is VERY, VERY possible!!

3. Follow the first two rules for the rest of my life!

  • I don’t plan to follow this one to the “T” …. Because eventually I want to be able to live on 50% and save/invest 50%! ūüėČ Which is even better!

This December will be my first month living STRICTLY by this set of rules! &I’m looking forward to feeling like I got a raise because I’m¬†expecting a raise in¬†income¬†in December (which¬†will go along¬†great with the $1,000 in extra income I earned this month!) and I¬†just constructed an AMAZING and TOTALLY do-able budget for December! I’m ready to get focused and organized, financially!¬†It looks like this will give me an¬†AWESOME head-start to my next fiscal year starting in January!

My goal is to DOUBLE MY INCOME in 2014!

I’ll end 2013 with roughly $22,000 in total income working part-time jobs and being fairly lazy. But in December of 2014 it will be fun¬†to see the difference in my 12 month¬†income and overall¬†NET WORTH¬† compared to 2013! Now I’m developing a better work ethic,¬†I work a part-time and own¬†my own business¬†now! So seeing¬†the¬†difference¬†should be interesting!

Anyways… I’m curious. What financial rules do you live by? Let me know! ūüôā