Hey folks! Let’s talk about money for a second! At the end of this I want your opinion! Read on, though… 🙂

A personal pet-peeve of mine is when people discount the importance of money. The statements like “It’s just money,” or any other statement that highlights the opinion that money is not important. Don’t get me wrong. Money is DEFINITELY not EVERYTHING When you have some!!! But when you’re BROKE……… It suddenly becomes EVERYTHING!! Interesting. My goal, though, is to get some savings so that money won’t have to be everything!

Let me explain. People are important, love is important, personal passions (hobbies, pass times, etc.) are important, giving to and helping others is important!  In fact, all those things is what life is REALLY ABOUT! I’m passionate about generosity and giving and it’s one of my favorite things to do… Ever! Right now, however… Since I have a tiny savings and am basically living paycheck to paycheck, money is on my mind much of the time because MONEY is tied to my SURVIVAL! I have a tiny emergency fund and a debt that’s about to be due in a few months. It’s an absolute understatement to say money is a high priority right now. But check this out… When I have ABSOLUTELY NO DEBT and $3,000-$10,000 cash in an emergency fund and investments, will I be able to regain focus on my passions and stop working so hard?


This is the equation and the way I see it:

BROKE PERSON = SURVIVAL(avoiding eviction, late bills, etc.) >>> PASSIONS, PEOPLE, HOBBIES,


&That’s the key, folks. I have a goal and I’m focused on what I’ll be able to do once I become financially stable again! 😀 Money itself is not important… But WHAT IT PROVIDES is what matters! If you have good friends that you can’t spend time with because you’re busy working overtime because bills are coming up… That’s not a friend issue. It’s a money issue. Money determines the quality of food you eat, the quality of doctors you can see, the places you travel and how long you can travel (&travel broadens perspective in a positive way most times), the amount of time and/or money you can donate to different causes, and SO MANY OTHER THINGS!

The almighty dollar is not as important as what it PROVIDES. &&Money is not as important when you actually have some. &When you DO have some, it takes the backseat to the things that REALLY matter! 🙂

Tell me what you think! What’s your view on the importance of money?? I want to hear from ya!! 🙂

Yours truly,