For the last year and a half, I’ve spent literally ZERO DOLLARS on myself. I’ve always been very frugal (not quite a minimalist) and have focused my time, energy, and money on pleasing/helping others.

But this weekend…. Was ALL! ABOUT! ME! 😉 I’ve had some struggles in my personal life and hadn’t been as confident as I should be. People I love had started noticing patterns in my life that weren’t exactly normal! So after a discussion with a concerned family member, it was decided that I would treat myself for once. With that being said, I WITHDREW $500 from my investments and SPENT IT ALL ON ME!

It felt good as heck, too! I bought a boatload of clothes (much better than the thrift store clothes I used to wear all the time, some accessories (including an $85 designer wallet), and some good night’s out with friends!

Withdrawing the cash wasn’t really the wisest decision ever, but it definitely did something for me on the inside that was positive. It was like letting off a whole lotta steam that was built up! That’s the best part about personal finance….. It’s PERSONAL! So even if certain actions aren’t necessarily ‘by the book,’ some times an exception to the rules can be a healthy breath of fresh air.

I feel better. And life is good. That’s what matters most. 🙂