A Wee-Bit About Me

Lets see here. About me… I’m a young, self-employed, optimistic, 5′ 10″ college dropout. I’m into racquetball, mature and goal-oriented women, basically any genre of movies, church, good beer, happy-hour specials and basically anything related to FOOD! … So I guess you could say I’m pretty much your normal 21 year old… Other than my love for budgets, investing, and anything else related to the almighty dollar($). The ironic thing about it all is that I JUST WENT BROKE. Awesome, right?!! (Not really.)

The bad news is that I have almost no liquid cash to my name. ($40.82)

The good news is that I get to have a fresh start on saving $$$! A clean slate, if you will.

So I figured I’d use this as a platform to showcase my journey from a flat-broke dropout to a wealth building tycoon 😉 This should be interesting.


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